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Interior Design
Renovating or decorating is a very stressful experience.

There are so many details to consider.  What colour scheme to choose, wooden floors or carpet, painted walls or wall paper, what colours, what textures, what style? Then there’s furniture, lighting, window treatments, artwork, soft furnishings.  The list goes on and on.  

With so many elements to consider and so much choice available today, it can lead to confusion and that’s when mistakes happen.

Also sometimes it’s very difficult to see beyond your existing decor and view your space with an open mind.

Why not relieve the stress and let Sphere Interior Design bring your dream interior to life.

We provide a quality design service tailored to your individual needs.  Using our team of skilled professionals, we ensure every detail is considered, right up to the last picture is hung on the wall.

Our Services include:-

* Residential and office renovations

* Home Staging

* Conceptual Design & Space Planning
* Decoration
* Color consultation

* Commissioned Art and Murals

* Custom Made Furniture
* Windows and bed treatments
* Lighting
* Project Co-Ordination and Installation

We can advise on how to develop a scheme incorporating your existing furnishings, or offer guidance in developing a design from scratch.  Elements covered include:-


Colour is the one of the most important considerations when decorating a space and getting it wrong can be disastrous.  Colour has a dramatic effect on a room but also on our mood.   We use colour to express our taste and personality, but at the same time, the colours we live with directly influences the way we feel, the efficiency with which we work and the extent to which we are able to relax.

Developing a colour scheme is not merely selecting a paint colour for the walls.  Every element of the space needs to be considered to create a sense of harmony and bring a room together.


Light is a crucial element in the design process.  Natural, Task and Accent Lighting are all important factors both from a functional perspective and for the ambience one is creating.  Lighting affects the perception of a room and can be used with great effect to create different moods for different times of the day or night.

Curtains and Upholstery

We provide a bespoke curtain making service using our excellent team of seamstresses and fitters.

We can assist in the selection of curtain and upholstery fabrics and soft furnishings.  We have access to an extensive selection of fabrics and curtain poles and will advise on the style, colour and finish of your window treatments.

Finishing Touches

You’ve heard the expression, “The devil is in the detail”.  It is the finishing touches and attention to detail that completes every successful design.  Artwork, soft furnishings and accessories visually add colour and drama to a space.  We will recommend how these can be best introduced to reflect your personality into your living space.


Home Staging
is the most effective and efficient marketing tool that we would like to provide you with. We will do our best to make your home stand out and ensure its fast sale. For Staging it is the first impression that plays the key role in maximizing the equity you have invested in it.We will help you to make more money.

Be it a property for sale or rent, presentation is key.  

It is said that most buyers make up their minds within the first few seconds of viewing a property, sometimes before they even get past the front door.  Staging is the art of showing a property at its absolute best in order to realize the maximum price in the current market.

By correctly dressing your property you make it more memorable and stand out from similar ones in the area. 

We are pleased to deliver full home staging service from colour consulting to redesigning your space.

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