Elena Lapp is the chief interior designer and creative inspiration behind this well established Sphere Interior Design Company. She applies her flair for colour coordination and knowledge of style with equal success to residential properties ( condos and houses) and commercial properties. Large or small projects are treated with the same integrity and dedication leading to high quality results that consistently make your dreams to the reality. Our knowledge and experience will help you create space that you need and want. We will help you make informed decision and allow you make informed decisions regarding your project.


My customers often ask what is interior style?
by Elena Lapp

A style, or theme, is a consistent idea used throughout a room to create a feeling of completeness. Styles are not to be confused with design concepts, or the higher-level party, which involve a deeper understanding of the architectural context, the sociocultural and the programmatic requirements of the client. These themes often follow period styles. Examples of this are Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Victorian, Minimalist, English Georgian, Art Deco, Art- Nouveau ,Empire and many more.The evolution of interior decoration themes has now grown to include themes not necessarily consistent with a specific period style allowing the mixing of pieces from different periods. Each element should contribute to form, function, or both and maintain a consistent standard of quality and combine to create the desired design. A designer develops a home architecture and interior design for a customer that has a style and theme that the prospective owner likes and mentally connects to.

Posted on 04. Dec, 2010 by Elena Lapp

Many people have the misconception that Interior Designers are very expensive. Designers are not expensive, but costly design mistakes are! Your home is the largest single investment you will ever make so it only makes sense to hire a professional to make it perfect. Why should I hire an Interior Designer? Using an Interior Designer will save you time, money and a lot of headache by avoiding costly mistakes. At Sphere Interior we are familiar with what is involved in a design project, we know the services and trades necessary and how and where to source the best products. We will determine the best solution for you, not only from an aesthetic viewpoint but also on the more functional elements such as space planning and storage. From the initial design concept, to selecting finishes, furniture and accessories right through to engaging the right contractors and supervising the final installation, Sphere Interior will guide you every step of the way.

Will a Designer impose their style on my home?
Posted on 04. Dec, 2010 by Elena Lapp

Will a Designer impose his/her style on my home? No. This is your home, your project and your money. We are proud of our ability to understand and identify our Client’s needs and transform their vision into reality.

If I want commissioned art painting or mural for my home who do you work with?
Posted on 04. Dec, 2010 by Elena Lapp

I work with different Canadian artists. Murals and commissioned art mainly done by Katerina Atapina. You can see some of her latest art works on Katerina Atapina website

How does the process work?
Posted on 10. Dec, 2010 by Elena Lapp

This first step is to determine what you wish to achieve. We will determine what is involved and offer some initial design recommendations. We will then submit our proposal together with our design fee. If you are happy to proceed with our services, the transformation can begin.